Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tree Lighting in Seattle

The holidays have rolled around again! Time for winterfest, Ice skating, holiday cheer, and caroling! Can't wait for mom's home-made cookies, a nice warm house and fun with the family. Yesterday, Nov 26th, the 60 some odd foot tree on the corner of the westlake shopping mall was lit up to welcome in the holidays with king5 news, as well as macy's lighting off fireworks and the star on the tree! Merry christmas and a happy holidays to everyone!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Seattle needs more damn snow. Its been pitiful! I wouldn't mind a couple feet, but it's truly amazing the whole city shuts down for some snow. People need to learn to drive and chain! Busses are understandable, but people whine about busses being slow but rely on them at the same time. Doesnt' work like that.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Work school health

So work sucks, my co-workers suck, basically I hate it. But the tips are alright. I'm probably going to work there for another couple of months while I go through college. Maybe I'll even take my superiors job at some point. We'll see though. I'm going to school for IT at north seattle community college and hopefully in a couple years I can transfer to UW to finish up a bachelors. My sister is in year 2? at cornell and she's going into HR, she's going to be great I know it. My health has been poor, I have been suffering and have been in and out of the hospital, this is a consequence of my drug use and not something I'm proud of. I've been very good at taking care of myself lately, but it just isn't enough. I've been off of steroids for only a day now and am starting to suffer. Hopefully things will look up.